Becoming an Admin

Here in the ViP we like to keep a funny and friendly gaming environment, so we are looking for admins who not only can be cool around players, but also administer punishment to players who have broken the rules. Anyone can become an admin as long as they meet the following credentials:

  • 1: They have been with the ViP for at least 3 months, have showed up regularly to Server Parties, and are generally well known in the community.

  • 2: They have our {ViP} Tag before their name.

  • 3: They are not a dick.

  • 4: They don't start trouble.

As long as you match the above credentials then you are eligibleto become an admin of the ViP. Now let's get on to the process.

Before we begin, though, I just want to make one thing clear:


That means no spamming commands on random players, no randomly changing the map in the middle of the round, no banning people without a valid reason, no muting people without a good reason, no banning other admins, etc. If we get a complaint from a player saying that you have abused your admin commands and we check the server logs and find it to be true, then you will be immediately taken off of the admin list and perma-banned. We take this kind of thing seriously.

Now onto the Admin Process:

  1. 1: Once you are eligible to become an admin you will be contacted by one of the Owners and asked if you would like to become an admin of the ViP.

  2. 2: If you answer YES then you will be subsequently interviewed by said Owner, the chat will be shared with the other Owners and they will all vote on if you should be made into an admin.

  3. 3: If there are enough votes in your favor, then you will be made into an admin of the ViP. You will then receive special Admin privaleges, text chat colors, tags, etc.

  4. 4: Congratulations! You are now an admin of the ViP! As long as you follow the rules you will be just fine!

  5. 5: If you are not quite sure on how to avoid abusing your admin commands you can always contact any of the Owners to ask them, or you can contact us on Twitter.

  6. 6: It should be noted that after a certain period of absence you will be removed from the admin list, unless you inform us before hand of your extended absence.